The Music of James Bond 007 - my Tableau IronViz entry

Until now I've never entered an IronViz competition. I have no desire to win, mainly because the idea of standing on a stage "Tableauing" in front of a large audience, while someone is commentating on you, makes me come out in a cold sweat. However, this year I thought I'd give at least one of the rounds a go. If for nothing else than a bit of technical practice in gathering data and doing some data viz wizardry on it (disclaimer: viz wizardry is not guaranteed).

Here is my final entry:

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I decided to focus on a simple theme. The topic of Music was so broad, if I didn't simplify I could have spent years on it! I really didn't want to do anything on a quantified self theme - mainly because I don't currently record any of my music listening (unless Spotify has a data download that I don't know about). I decided to focus on music from films and took inspiration from the announcement of the latest Bond instalment 'Spectre'. Me and my other half have been speculating as to who might be recording the theme song (my money is on Sam Smith). I was also interested in whether there were any correlations between success of the film and success of its title track.

I started by searching for some data. I came across this website that had done some great statistical analysis of the Bond series. However the data was not in a downloadable format. Instead it was an image of a table of data (Doh!). I did some more searching but didn't find anything as comprehensive. So I decided to copy the data in to Excel by hand. That was a fun evening.

Embedding Spotify player in a dashboard

I also started brainstorming ways that I wanted to visualise the data, I had a formatting theme in my head and was starting to sketch out dashboard ideas. I knew I wanted to embed the music in the viz somewhere. I found all the Bond theme songs were available on Spotify, and you can embed the Spotify player on a webpage, success!

First I opened my desktop version of Spotify (I don't believe you can get an embed code from the web player, but correct me if I'm wrong!). From there you can select a song, go to the 'more' menu and select 'copy embed code'.

The embed code looks something like this:

<iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

I trimmed this to just grab the URL, I did this for every song in my dataset. My dataset ended up looking like this:

When I loaded the data in tableau, I could then use this field as part of a embedded webpage and URL dashboard action combination. Check out the video below for a quick how to.

Note: The spotify player is best viewed at either 80 pixels high or 380 pixels high.

Getting the film posters for my timeline

I wanted to have a visual representation of each film on my timeline. Bond films have had some iconic posters through the years, so I thought about grabbing some of those. I did this by using a trusty Google image search for each film and downloading the thumbnail of the poster. *Pro Tip* I named the images the same as the film names in my dataset. This was so when I added them as a custom shape palette they would already be in the right order when I came to assign the shapes in Tableau. Similar to this tip by Jewel Loree.

If you've not used custom shapes in Tableau before check out this tutorial.

And that pretty much reaches the limit of any Wizardry on this viz. It was fun and I enjoyed building it, which is exactly what I set out to do. Feel free to download it, pick it apart and give me some (hopefully nice) comments!

Oh and in case you're wondering, my favourite EVER bond song is Supremacy by Muse. (Okay it's not a Bond song, but it darn well should be, it even has a Bond ending).



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  5. Instead it was an image of a table of data (Doh!). I did some more searching but didn't find anything as comprehensive.

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