Hard Rock Cafe Finder in Tableau

Here's a fun personal project I've been working on.

My husband and I are big fans of Hard Rock Cafe. Every time we go to a new city we always check to see if there is a new Hard Rock we can visit to add to our list.

I thought it might be fun to create a viz of where all the Hard Rock Cafes are in the world, to see which Cafes we have visited, and which we could visit on future holidays.

Cue pictures of Hard Rock Cafes:

And here's the viz:

 Click to see the Viz on Tableau Public
Click to view on Tableau Public - best viewed in Internet Explorer currently

I grabbed the data for this viz from the Hard Rock Cafe page on Wikipedia. I simply copied and pasted the table on the webpage straight to Excel. I also added my own field "Visited" and marked if I had visited the restaurant or not. I then used Alteryx to clean up the data and get it in the right shape for Tableau.

It was a really simple module: I just had to use the text to columns tool to split the Date Opened field using the delimiter "," or "-". I then created two formulas to clean up the date fields to capture just the year each restaurant opened. I then parsed those strings in to actual dates. The output went straight to a .tde (Tableau Data Extract) file to use in Tableau.

In Tableau I created a map to plot all the cities that had Hard Rock Cafes. Some cities have two Cafes, so I created a calculation that counted the number of Cafes per city, and placed that on Size. This meant my marks were going to be bigger where a city had more than one Cafe.

I then added a web page object with the Hard Rock website in. Each Cafe has its own webpage detailing where the restaurant is, the contact details plus some facts about it. I also created a dashboard action: by clicking a restaurant on the map the webpage would update to see the information about the Cafe selected.

Lastly I wanted to see how often new Cafes are opened. I created the bar chart underneath to count the number of restaurants opened each year. Looks like you have to visit quite a few every year to keep up!

One odd thing I have noticed. The webpage object seems to work great in Internet Explorer, but doesn't work at all in Chrome. I'm not sure if this is a bug in Chrome or with the back-end of Tableau Public. Any suggestions on this would be great! I am using https:// before all my URLs.

Are you a Hard Rock Cafe fan? How many have you visited? Can you beat my score of 9?



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