Tableau Fringe Festival - The Font of All Knowledge

Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to present a session during the Tableau Fringe Festival organised by Emily Kund and Jen Vaughan.

My session was titled "The Font of all Knowledge" and was everything to do with fonts in Tableau: from knowing which fonts Tableau can use across Desktop, Server and Public; to which fonts work on an iPad; choosing the right font for your dashboards; mixing fonts, font sizing and colour and fonts for accessibility!

You can watch the session again on YouTube:

There were some fantastic sessions by so many great speakers including Carl Allchin, Paul Banoub, Chuck Hooper, Dan Murray to name but a few! You can watch them all on the Tableau Fringe Festival YouTube channel.



  1. How interesting event!! I am also going to attend such an amazing event at the Los Angeles venues with my family. We will be staying there for a week to attend Christmas events too.

  2. Hi emma can i get the ppt of this prsentation

    1. Hi Sha, sorry I don't have the same copy any more.


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