My 2016 Data Year in Review

Well 2016 is nearly over. While most of us will probably want to forget 2016 pretty quickly (Brexit, Trump, so many famous people passing…) I thought it was a good idea to remember the positive things that happened in 2016. And because this is a data blog it should focus on my favourite topics: data, Tableau and Alteryx.

On a personal note, the two things I’m really proud of this year are becoming Tableau Server Certified and setting up a Centre of Excellence at The Information Lab.

While Server Certification doesn’t make me instantly THE best person ever on Tableau Server, it does give me the confidence to advise Server users and admins on best practices and set up. Plus I think I’m still the only female in the world who has the “double” - both Tableau Desktop and Server Certifications. This is a great achievement but I also hope more women become certified in 2017! 

Helping people get the most out of Tableau and Alteryx is a true passion of mine. I love being a Tableau trainer and classroom training is still one of the best things about my job. Being able to set up a Centre of Excellence to deliver training and support for our customers at The Information Lab is something I’m really proud of achieving in 2016. I really enjoy coming up with ideas for and delivering online training. We also do a lot of online Doctor sessions, which are always really fun and a great way of keeping on top of your game with challenges.

As for the Tableau and Alteryx community, the highlights of 2016 for me were definitely the Tableau Conference in Texas and Makeover Monday.

Makeover Monday has been a perfect example of the spirit of the Tableau community. Andy Kriebel and Andy Cotgreave have done a great job in producing a new data set and makeover each week. I wish I had managed to do many more of the makeovers than I did, but I also really enjoyed seeing all the different makeovers people from the community came up with. I'm looking forward to Makeover Monday continuing with Andy K and Eva Murray next year. 

Having someone from my Fundamentals class do their first makeover and Tweet it was also a highlight. I love being able to spread Tableau joy to people in training.

The Makeover Monday fun continued when me and my 18 year old cousin did one together on Boxing Day. He promises to download Tableau Public and use it at college too. I taught him the benefits of a bullet chart, but agreed to disagree on the red and green (hey it was Christmas).

Definitely the highlight of the my 2016 Tableau year was the conference in Austin. This was my 4th US Tableau conference and it did not disappoint. You can read my review here. Best bits were catching up with all my Info Lab and Tableau family and geeking out.

All in all 2016 was a great year for personal achievements and some great experiences in my data, Tableau & Alteryx world. Now to set some goals for 2017! A massive thanks to the community out there for making work fun and giving me so many amazing experiences and new friends.



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