Workout Wednesday: Common Baseline Charts and NFL QBs

This week I'm testing your knowledge of building common baseline charts in Tableau. These charts are really useful for aligning metrics that start at different time periods. I'm using some data from one of my favourite sports - American Football. With the Super Bowl looming I wanted to compare Quarterback passing yards over all the seasons they've played. This chart is perfect for this because no matter which year the player started, I can compare them all from a common baseline.

Your job is to re-create this viz like-for-like. You can download the data here - I got it from

Here's some pointers to keep in mind:

  1. You will have to use a Union in Tableau to get the data in to 1 table
  2. I pivoted the data to get it in to an easier to use format
  3. I filtered the quarterbacks to those that have played at least 3 season and those that have passed for at least 2000 yards in total
  4. You should be able to pick the QB that you want to highlight - this should be only the list of QBs after the filter
  5. The highlighted QB should be shown in the light blue colour and should have a circle at the end of the line displaying their total passing yards
  6. Make the formatting of the chart the same as mine
Post an image on Twitter when you’re done and hashtag it with #WorkoutWednesday and please tag me and Andy so we see it (@EmmaWhyte and @VizWizBI). Good luck!



  1. Interesting, I think your filter isn't right. I added a data source filter on Player with the following condition.

    COUNTD([Year])>=3 AND

    This removes the overall, whereas your filter is removing individual seasons. So my filter ensures every season for Kirk Cousins is included, whereas your's only includes seasons when he threw for 2000+ yards so his cumulative total is wrong. Which was your intent?

    1. I made the assumption that you intended to filter the way I've done it, so I think I got it all correct. Post on my blog Thanks Emma!!

    2. Hi Andy - yep you're right and I've updated my filter to be correct now! Thanks.

  2. sorry bit late... But I replicated after bit of effort. Very good initiative keep it up Emma and Andy.!/vizhome/WorkoutWednesday-NFLQB/NFLQB

  3. Hi Emma,

    I did the workout, it looks like yours, but I don't know why the highlighted QB line is behind the other lines ...
    I used different line size and color for selected QB, but still the issue.


    1. Hi Mourad. I can't download your workbook from Tableau Public (you usually have to change the permissions), but you should be able to apply a sort on your QBs based on the highlighted true/false calculation.


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