Workout Wednesday: Showing nothing when 'all' is selected

What is Workout Wednesday? It’s a set of weekly challenges from Andy Kriebel and me designed to test your knowledge of Tableau and help you kick on in your development. Andy took the first week of the challenge, so this week it's my turn!
The idea is to replicate the challenge that we pose as closely as possible. When you think you have it, post a pic on Twitter with #workoutwednesday for others to enjoy.
For week 2, I challenge you to recreate the dashboard below. The visualisations themselves are fairly simple. It's the kick-ass text titles and logo switching that are the real challenge. Creating informative titles are an important part of data viz, so if you're not familiar with these techniques already you're going to learn something really useful too. We're using Superstore data again (get the data here). The workbook is downloadable, but don’t cheat. Give it a real go before you download it to see if you got it right.
Here are the requirements:
  1. The dashboard title should change to say 'All Departments' when you select 'All' in the filter
  2. The department logo should change when you select a department, but disappear when you select 'All'
  3. The line chart title should update when you change the filter
  4. All the charts and tooltips should look the same as mine



  1. Emma, I had a hard time with the Dashboard title and, eventually, had to look. Why won't an If statement like the one below work?

    "If [Product Category] = "All" Then "All Departments"
    Elseif [Product Category] = "Furniture" Then "Furniture"

  2. Emma - so had a look at your wb now I've published mine. How did you manage to get the profit legend to not show the values when published? I did do it in mine by formatting the text but your wb has it displayed when I downloaded.. am I missing something...? Donna

  3. Good Exercise Emma! I used LOD instead of windows sum and index. This tells how important is to know the order of operations in tableau.
    Here is my version!/publish-confirm

  4. Some nice tricks in there Emma! Here's my version

  5. My biggest takeaway was adding the Product Category filter to "context" on the bar chart view. My version =

  6. I ended up making a parameter instead of using product category as a filter. Thanks for doing this!

  7. Love this exercise but couldn't figure out how you hid the labels for the profit legend either... I also used some emojis for the category images because I was too lazy to download your nice-looking ones!

  8. Thanks Emma

    Here is my version

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  10. Hi Emma. week 2 exercise was very nice challenge. i didn't manage to remove (All) from my title and from my slicer though.!/vizhome/WorkkoutWednesday-Week2/DepartmentSalesReport?publish=yes


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