Workout Wednesday Week 12: Highlight a Treemap

This week's Workout Wednesday is inspired by Charlie who posted a question on how to achieve a highlighted treemap to The Information Lab Centre of Excellence:

Challenge accepted! I managed to crack it fairly swiftly. However if you've never had to do something like this before I think it's going to be pretty tricky. If you have tried to do this before and think you know how it's done, I'm pretty sure that Tableau's treemap logic is going to give you a few obstacles.

Here are this weeks workout requirements:

  • The treemap should be segmented by Product Category and Product Sub-Category with Sales as the size of each part.
  • The Sales value should also colour each segment of the treemap as a gradient (I've used blue).
  • Additionally, you should be able to highlight a segment of the treemap with a different colour (I've used orange). The part highlighted should be able to be changed by the end user.



  1. I came up with three different solutions. I feel like a bit of an overachiever this week. :-)


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