Workout Wednesday Week 14: UK Exports

I recently saw this post from Ben Jones on simple ways of transforming tables of data in to multiple vizzes. The blog itself is a great insight in to the thought processes behind choosing a chart type for a data set and all the different ways to visualise the same set of data. The data set that Ben put together relates to exports of goods and services from the UK in 2013. I thought a better way of visualising this data would be in a Pareto chart.

I picked the Pareto because I wanted to know if most of the UKs exports went to only a few countries, rather than a big range. Pareto's principle suggests that 80% of the effect comes from 20% of causes. It turns out the UK export of goods and services does not abide by this principle. Which is a good thing really.

So this week's Workout Wednesday challenge is to recreate the dashboard above. Here are a few pointers:

  • The x axis indicates the percentage of countries that contribute
  • The y axis indicates the percentage of the running total of either goods, services or goods and services
  • Has a parameter to switch between goods, services or goods and services
  • The chart title should change to reflect the viz
  • Tooltips should match mine
  • Chart colours and formatting should match mine (I've used Tableau palette colours

Data can be downloaded here (use the sheet named 'Table'). If you need some help on creating the Pareto check out this tutorial.

Good luck and remember to tweet your final version to @EmmaWhyte and @VizWizBI!



  1. Good challenge Emma! Have a look at my calc for the title. I think it's much simpler than yours.


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