#WorkoutWednesday week 20: comparing regions

This week's challenge was given to me by Jeffrey Shaffer (Tableau Zen Master and co-author of the new Big Book of Dashboards).

This was Jeffrey's original challenge to me:

I had a go myself and got 90% of the way there. However I could not get the axis labels to display as abbreviated months! So here is what I achieved (slightly different data set so numbers do not match):

So your challenge this week is to replicate my dashboard (image above or workbook below). Or as an extra challenge - attempt to get the axis labelling to display the months rather than numbers as Jeffrey has done.

  • My dashboard size is 850*650
  • Quantity for the East and West regions should display as side-by-side bars
  • Sales for the East and West regions should be displayed as lines
  • I've filtered to 2015 only
  • Match the colours and tooltips
  • Match my axis labels (numeric months) or as an extra challenge Jeffreys labels (abbreviated months)
Download the data, complete the challenge and then post an image of your viz to Twitter with #WorkoutWednesday. Don't forget to @EmmaWhyte and @VizWizBI!



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