#WorkoutWednesday week 22: Wine tasting is harder than it looks

This weeks #WorkoutWednesday is inspired (and probably partly fuelled by) wine. I had this Economist infographic shared with me by a colleague earlier this month. It's all about the science of wine tasting.

Of course I just had to re-make it in Tableau! The tricky part of the challenge was formatting the scores to show no decimal places when the score was a whole number, to showing to one decimal place when required.

Here's the requirements for this week:
  • my dashboard is 800*1000 pixels
  • re-create my dashboard as close as you can get it
  • I've used a separate sheet for each of the red and white wine heatmaps and scores
  • The scores should be formatted so when it is a whole number no decimal places are shown. When the score has a half point, it should be shown to 1 decimal place
  • Highlighting the Taster in the reds or whites also highlights them in the other chart

When you're done re-creating this viz, remember to share an image of your finished result on Twitter and tag @EmmaWhyte and @VizWizBI



  1. Nice one Emma! Writing up my post now. I'll include the calc I used for the formatting in my post.

  2. Used { FIXED [Taster] : sum([Score]) } and made it a dimension , this removed .0 as well.


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