#WorkoutWednesday week 26: UK General Election 2017 Results

As an ex Politics and History student, I LOVE working with election data. For this weeks Workout Wednesday I was inspired by the visualisations used by the Financial Times UK General Election coverage.

I really liked the use of the slope chart here - it really makes the changes in each constituency obvious and portrays the closeness of some results, and the wide gaps in others.

However the constituencies in the full results page are just a great big long list, and it's really hard to view the differences between constituencies in the same region in one view. So I thought I'd re-create these charts in Tableau, but this time as a small multiple, or trellis chart. Click to see on Tableau Public

The requirements for this week are:
  • Some data prep is required! I've provided two CSV files of the data - you'll need to put them together somehow! You'll also need to do some data re-shaping.
  • You should be able to filter the constituencies by region
  • You should be able to highlight the constituencies searched for
  • The panels of the trellis / small multiple should be able to be sorted: alphabetically on constituency name, Conservative share of the vote in 2017, Labour share of the vote in 2017, Liberal Democrat share of the vote in 2017, SNP vote in 2017, or the by the highest share of the vote of all parties in the constituency.
  • I filtered my data down to the four main parties: Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and SNP (only in Scotland)
  • Make sure you match my formatting
  • Make sure you match my tooltips
You'll need two data files this week: 2015 results and 2017 results

Good luck! And remember to tweet your finished workout to us using #WorkoutWednesday and tag @EmmaWhyte and @VizWizBI



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