#WorkoutWednesday week 30: Loads of LODs

This week's #WorkoutWednesday will challenge your Level of Detail calculation knowledge. Don't be scared, if you're still new to LODs then I've posted some links below to help you out too.

Inspiration for this week came from Dan Watt of The Data School - thanks Dan!

Orders Analysis WorkoutWednesday Tableau

This week you'll need to:

  • The first chart should could the number of customers by the number of orders they have made
  • The first chart should have its bars coloured blue for 10 orders and above
  • The title and tooltip should match as well. The title and tooltip changes as you select a Region
  • The bottom chart (Top 10 products) should be filtered by the Region also. The top 10 products should change depending on the Region you select
  • When you click on a bar in the top chart it should also filter the top 10 products.
  • The title and tooltip on the second chart should also change when you select a Region
You can download the data set here.

If you need some learning materials for LODs I recommend the following links:
Top 15 LOD expressions (Tableau's website)

Good luck! Remember to post an image of your final viz to Twitter with #WorkoutWednesday and @EmmaWhyte and @VizWizBI too!




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  2. https://public.tableau.com/profile/gaurav4229#!/vizhome/workoutwednesdayweek30/OrderAnalysis?publish=yes

  3. I've been looking for a "workout" regiment like this! Glad I found it!
    I have to follow on google plus though?... :/ no twitter?
    I would send these requirements back because they have implementation details instead of user stories :)
    I would re-write them as follows-
    When viewing customer orders I want to see an aggregation of how many customers have made so many orders so I can see a distribution of how many power customers I have. I want to see this globally and by region.

    When viewing customer orders I want to see an indication of the number of power customers I have, I define power customers by customers who have ordered 10 or more products.
    I want the report to dynamically update based on my global/region selections.
    When viewing a breakdown of the number of customers who order X number of products, I want to be able to drill into X and see what the popular products are for those customers. Top 10 would be sufficient.

    Abstracting the requirements from the implementation will allow far more freedom and creativity in the designed solution!


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