#WorkoutWednesday week 32: Continuous Dates are Tricky

Working with continuous dates can be tricky in Tableau depending on how you want to display them. This weeks #WorkoutWednesday is inspired by a challenge from Data School superstar Neil Lord.

For this weeks #WorkoutWednesday challenge you'll need to:
  • Show a running total of sales at a daily level, but split by year of order date
  • Each line for each year should be a different colour. The latest year in the data set should be dark, but the previous years should be transparent. (Note that there is a way to do this without creating a custom palette in Tableau)
  • Make sure your title matches mine. (If I were to add sales data for 2016 my title would also auto update)
  • Make sure your tooltips match
  • Make sure all your axis labels match too
You'll also need to download the data so your results match mine.

Remember, once you've completed the challenge to tweet a picture of your final result to @EmmaWhyte and @VizWizBI

Good luck!



  1. Great challenge Emma and indeed tricky stuff with those continous dates and handling the leap year. 29 Feb 2012 just does not display that easily.
    I ended up using a beautiful solution offered by Kettan (BTW thanks to Andy for pointing in the right direction):
    DATE(DATEADD('year', 2000 - YEAR([Order Date]), [Order Date]))

    Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to get the date axis to eliminate the second 'January' - so it would be interesting to hear if anyone has a good take on that. Can see you guys have the same issue...

    My version:

  2. I came close, but not sure how exactly you added the transparency (light colors) to the lines and legend. I used the eyedropper in my workbook to take the colors off of yours on public.


    1. Hi Scott. The colour legend is done by selecting the line you want highlighted. Then on the colour palette right-click a colour and in the menu that appears select "Assign Highlight Colours to Palette".


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