#WorkoutWednesday week 34: Disney's Domination

This weeks #WorkoutWednesday is inspired by an IronViz entry from Rody Zakovich. I'm a huge Disney fan and think Rody's viz is the right balance of informative and eye-catching. I decided to download Rody's workbook and play around with the data behind it. I could have spent so many more hours than I have done already with this data.

In the end I came up with the viz below when I was trying to learn a new chart type.

Your challenge this week is to create some tasty waffle charts! This week you'll need two data sources:

Datasource 1 (for making Waffles)
Datasource 2 (all the box office data)

Make sure you follow these rules too:

  • My dashboard size is 500 * 620 pixels
  • You'll have to blend the data somehow to create the waffles
  • I'm only looking at data from 2016 box office sales
  • I'm only looking at the top 4 Distributors (Buena Vista, Warner Bros, Universal and 20th Century Fox)
  • Re-create my dashboard exactly (including text and tooltips etc)
If you need some help creating the Waffle charts there are a number of video tutorials out there - including one from Andy Kriebel himself. Andy should still find this a little tricky as I had to change how I created the percentages so they worked over the blend 😏

Good luck and remember to post a tweet with an image of your final viz to @EmmaWhyte and @VizWizBI



  1. Nice one Emma! I appreciate you playing mind games with me!! You can find mine here http://www.vizwiz.com/2017/08/disney.html

  2. Thanks for these weekly challenges! Although I don't really understand how the blending is working...here it goes: https://public.tableau.com/profile/inesdecastro#!/vizhome/week34-DisneysDomination/Dashboard1


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