#WorkoutWednesday Treemap Drilldown

This weeks #WorkoutWednesday is inspired by a previous workout from Andy Kriebel and a re-imagining from Neil Lord. If you've been participating in previous weeks you might find that you'll use the same tricks from a previous Workout. If you've not been participating (where have you been?) you might find it slightly trickier.

This week we'll be making a treemap where you can click a segment and drill down in to the next level of the data hierarchy. In this example from state to city. All in the same sheet!

You'll need to download the Superstore Sales data to re-create it exactly.

Here are the details:
  • My dashboard is 800x800 pixels
  • Everything is done in one sheet
  • Clicking a state will display all the cities in that state. Click again to go back up to state.
  • Size your segments by sales and colour by profit
  • Make sure you recreate the title and tooltips (they change depending on where you are in the drilldown)
Once you're done make sure you post an image on Twitter with #WorkoutWednesday and tag @EmmaWhyte and @VizWizBI



  1. I am unable to download your workbook to see you how you did this (bc my tableau version is earlier than yours (work computer)). Do you have reference material on how you did this?


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